About us

Custom Souvenirs and Gifts Printing

When it comes to getting the product you want, you shouldn’t have to compromise. At Midtown Custom, we know you have a vision for your ideal product. We’re here to make that vision a reality. Midtown Custom provides top-notch t-shirt photo printing services to meet all your customization needs. You name it and we can print it – everything from custom t-shirts and sweatshirts to custom coffee mugs, custom mouse pads, custom button pins, custom key chains, and custom dog tags. Whether you want to print mugs with your logo for a new business, print custom hats for a sports team, or design your own t-shirt to commemorate a loved one, we will print your customized creation with a quality that will last.

Custom Gifts Embroidery

Midtown Custom also provides custom embroidery services. Custom shirts, sweatshirts, golf shirts, hats, tote bags, shoes, towels, and more can all be personalized with your custom embroidery designs. You create the design, and we’ll do the rest for you. With over ten years of experience crafting unique customized products, you can trust us to provide the quality you deserve at a value you can afford. We make personalizing your own custom products this easy so that you don’t have to settle for anything less. Call us today at (612) 708-4188.